VADIS VR uses state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning technologies to create virtual reality tours of cultural sites around the world. Our tours combine an immersive walk-through of the site with embedded educational content. Tailoring our work to your needs, we enhance your curriculum, exhibition, website, or academic research with our interactive tours.

Commissions: Universities, museums, religious institutions, and historic sites commission us to create tours. Partners: We also partner with educational institutions and content distributors and provide them with access to our preexisting tour inventory on a subscription basis. 

Tour Benefits:

Interactive Learning

  • Stop, click, and explore points of interest linked to audio, visual & written content

  • Engage in exploration that passive video viewing cannot provide

Immersive walk-through

  • Exploration of all spaces & angles

  • Sense of context, scale & size

  • High-resolution, zoomable 3D scans

  • Engaging realism 2D images cannot provide

Access Abroad

  • Provide students with transformative access to sites they may otherwise never see

  • Pique viewers' interest in visiting the site in-person

Tour Features: